How To Care For Faux Fur

If you’ve invested in a stunning faux fur coat, you’ll want to keep it at its best for seasons to come.

Faux fur requires a little bit of care and attention to keep it in good condition. Not as demanding as real fur, which requires dry cleaning, faux fur is more resistant to insect damage and is easily cleaned at home. 

Whether you decide to hand wash your faux fur or put it in the machine, we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you prep, clean, dry and store your coat, so you can appreciate it for years to come.

how to clean faux fur

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How to clean faux fur clothing

How to care for faux fur clothing

How do I make my faux fur fluffy again?

How to clean faux fur clothing

Although faux fur is quite resilient, you’ll want to clean it at least once a season to keep it looking at its best.

The best time to clean your faux fur is just before you store it away at the end of the winter season, but it’s important to spot clean dirt to prevent permanent staining.

What you’ll need to clean your faux fur

As you’ll be cleaning your faux fur at least once a season, it’s worth having some equipment at home to make the job easier. Whether you hand or machine wash, here’s what we recommend:

  • Either a sink, basin or bathtub large enough to comfortably take your faux coat or a washing machine.
  • Some gentle detergent suitable for faux fur (wool or cashmere detergents are delicate enough for this).
  • A clothes airer or a sturdy, padded hanger 
  • A soft-bristled brush and a wide-toothed comb
  • A large, thick bath towel 
  • A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool
  • A spray bottle and hair conditioner (optional)
  • A gentle stain remover bar (optional)

How to hand wash faux fur

how to clean faux fur

Faux fur is made of synthetic fibres such as acrylic and modacrylic, making it a heat-sensitive fabric. Although it’s easy to wash at home, it’s important to avoid applying too much heat when cleaning.

  1. Pretreat your faux fur coat with your stain remover bar to remove any stubborn stains, focusing on the cuffs, neckline and underarms.
  2. To remove odours, run some cold water into your basin and soak your coat for 30 minutes, adding your stain remover bar to the solution by running it under the tap.
  3. To begin your handwash, pour two capfuls of your gentle detergent into a washbasin filled with cold water. Submerge your faux fur coat and move it around in the water, so it soaks up the detergent. Leave to soak for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Once soaking is complete, rinse or soak in cold water to remove soapy residue.
  5. Press as much water out of the coat, rolling your faux fur in a large, thick bath towel or sheet to remove any excess water.
  6. Lie your coat flat on an airer or hang over the shower or bath to prevent it from dripping on the floor. Allow your coat to drip dry, keeping it away from direct heat or sunlight for 24 hours. NEVER dry your faux fur coat in a tumble dryer, as the heat could melt the fur’s fibres, causing irreversible damage.
  7. Once your fur is completely dry, use your soft-bristled brush and a wide-toothed comb to carefully remove any knots and tangles from the fur and to lift the fibres to freshen up your coat’s look and loosen stubborn fur.
  8. Mix 1 tsp of hair conditioner with two cups of warm water and pour into your spray bottle. Spray your faux fur in small sections, then brush to untangle fur and smoothen down any stray fibres. Wipe each area down with a clean, damp white cloth and allow your coat to air dry completely.

How to machine wash faux fur

It’s important to apply caution when washing your faux fur in a washing machine, as too much heat could damage it.

Use a high-efficiency washer on a cool, gentle cycle for best results.

  1. Place your faux fur coat in a mesh washing bag and wash on a delicate cycle, on a low spin with cold water. Use gentle detergent for the wash.
  2. Once washed, follow steps 5-8 of ‘how to hand wash your fur coat’ (above) to dry and remove tangles from your coat.
  3. As an extra step, if your coat still has wrinkles when dry, use a clothes steamer or hover over with the steam setting of your iron to gently remove creases and restore your coat to its best condition.

How to care for faux fur clothing

how to clean faux fur

Aside from cleaning your faux fur coat, how you store it can also impact its lifespan and wearability.

It’s important to store your faux fur clothing away from direct heat and sunlight to avoid melting the fibres or discolouring the coat.

Here are some extra tips that will help you to keep your faux fur coat looking flawless throughout the cold-weather season, and whilst it’s stored away;

  • Vacuuming your coat is a great way to give it a quick refresh between cleans. Use the upholstery tool before and after washing to gently remove dust and reduce shed before and after washing.
  • If any small rips or tears appear in your coat or its lining, repair by hand with a similar coloured thread, or take your coat to a sewist for a professional fix.
  • When storing your fur coat, always make sure that it’s completely dry. Hang somewhere where there’s plenty of room for air circulation and cover with a natural, breathable cotton garment bag to prevent dust from settling on it. This storage method applies to real fur, too, allowing your coat to breathe and protecting it from moths and bugs.
  • Avoid storing your faux fur in a plastic cover as this can cause yellowing and trap in mildew and moisture, causing your coat to smell.

How do I make my faux fur fluffy again?

Faux fur can often get bent out of shape and become creased.

To remove the creases, use a hair dryer to gently heat the fur and brush or comb the fibres back into place, using a soft-bristled brush or a wide-toothed comb. 

Hold the hair dryer at the same distance from your coat as you would your head, to avoid burning the fur. Start by blowing the fur upward in the opposite direction to the way it naturally lies, this helps to reset the fur at the root. Once you’re happy that the crease is no longer visible, blow dry the fur back down to its correct direction for a smooth, yet fluffy look.

Always store your coat somewhere where its fibres can lay comfortably in their natural direction to avoid flattening. 

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