As we are all aware it is EASTER on Sunday. We’re excited to be celebrating Easter with my family virtually or in our bubbles enjoying a home-cooked meal with lots of Easter eggs for dessert. Here at Jayley, we asked our staff what their favorite family traditions are, even though everyone in our office is a full-grown adult. The top traditions at Jayley are: An Easter egg hunt, decorating cooked boiled eggs, eating hot crossed buns, having an egg and spoon race, and finally the egg rolling race. We love the easter traditions and dressing up for the occasions! What are your favourite Easter traditions? Whether you can celebrate with your family at home or virtually we know that you’ll need an on-trend tip-top outfit to show off... without further ado….let’s bunny hop into this.

Spring Top Tips: Pastels are your friend


Pastels are perfect for spring, they bring out the brightness in your clothing without being too forceful and strong. When choosing the right shade colour shade for your clothing, think about the undertones in your skin because some skin tones just don’t go well with certain colours. For example, never wear light yellow if you have a yellow undertone as it will make you look sallow. If your colour tones have jewel and earth tones in them, you should lean towards green, blue, purple, and pink. This will allow the colours to stand out from your skin and enrich your colour palette. At Jayley We’re in love with the pastels and florals carried into so many categories that fit into our daily lives. From amazing lightweight tops and dresses to adorable ponchos and lightweight wearable jackets and gilets.


Spring Tip Two: Pattern it up!


Easter is the best time to break out your pattern-loving side. At Jayley we never shied away from mixing different patterns, whether stripes, florals, polka dots, or even bold graphic prints. Working with complementary colors is key to pulling it off, and playing with the scales of a print. This Spring season there are so many pretty new florals and prints that we have developed in our collection. Gone are the days of large buffet Easter parties, but if the past year has taught us anything, we love hygiene and intimate gatherings. If Easter brunch is your first time seeing family or friends in over a year, bring out all the stops. That means floral top, dresses, or skirts, showing you’re on top of Spring 2021 trends and big smiles.


Spring Tip Three: Layer up!


We have a vast variety of stunning products to help you layer up this season. As we know the weather is ever-changing and it is imperative to be prepared. But it doesn't mean layering has to be boring… we have a selection of lightweight and light-coloured women’s wraps, faux suede jackets, scarves, and gilets in case it gets chilly.


Spring Tip Four: Things bright colors!


Cool corals, lovely lavenders, bright blues, and pops of pink are the perfect way to freshen up your Easter outfits.


Spring Tip Five: Eat as much chocolate as humanly possible.

 Ok, this has NOTHING to do with Spring style but it is MANDATORY for Easter. Spend the day appreciating life no matter what you're doing and who you’re with... And don’t let us eat chocolate alone.



We also realise that some of you may not celebrate Easter, will choose to forego Easter 2021 plans with family and friends for safety reasons, or simply just don’t feel like doing anything this year. And that’s ok! The most important thing to keep in mind for Easter Sunday is that you’re comfortable. Whether it’s a loose-fitting Spring dress or comfy casual loungewear, we have the perfect Easter style for you!