Face Masks For Men

If your shopping for yourself or your significant other don’t worry here at Jayley we’ve got you covered! All Jayley’s unisex face masks come in a range of different quality and styles to fit your every need.  We know that face masks aren’t always seen as the coolest thing to wear by men, however with it becoming a necessity it is essential to change this connotation and here at Jayley, we have designed some stylish prints to fit all. Masks are definitely a must-have, especially after the latest government announcement.  The World Health Organization (WHO) says that wearing non-medical fabric masks, which should be washed in hot water and detergent daily, will help protect others around you and prevent the spread of COVID-19. All Jayley’s face masks from 100% sustainable cotton that are environmentally friendly. 

Our masks are made from 100% sustainable cotton and are environmentally friendly.  All masks have adjustable ear straps along with a metal nose wire to allow the mask to fit comfortably around the bridge of your nose making sure all our masks fit perfectly to your face because we know that no one's face is the same. We also have pleated masks for men with that extra bit of facial hair to make sure they are covered. All the face masks have the option to come with a removable filter, this is extremely useful if you are looking for that extra layer of protection. All filters available on Jayley’s website are to a medical standard of PM 2.5 meaning these filters give you the best protection.  

All our masks are Uni-sex, easy to wear, breathable, and durable. The perfect place for you to wear your fashionable face mask would be at football matches to make sure you have that extra protection! With there being such a vast variety of colours we are sure to have one that matches your favorite teams! Our masks are also great for your everyday outings to the shops, taking the kids to the zoo, theme park, leisure center, and perfect for you to use on planes. 

You’ll never have to compromise on a great outfit when you step out in one of our fashionable face masks. Whether you’re dressing up for the day or showcasing your best casual look, our face coverings are here to complement your style and mood. Just think of them as your new clothing accessory. You may choose a subtle face mask in black or camo colours. Or opt for something altogether more outrageous.  It all depends on your personal choice of style, how you feel, and the impression you want to make. Our men’s fashion face masks are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Perfect to accessories with a hoodie, t-shirt, or jacket, your cool, urban look will be complete. Check out our selection of uni-sex face coverings for men online today.