Animal Print

Without a doubt animal prints are still pushing on in the fashion industry and you’ll see there is probably more animal print in the fashion industry than at the zoo at the moment. From leopard print coats to snake print dresses, fabric has officially gone wild.  It doesn’t look like the influx of animal print shows no sign of letting up this autumn/ winter either. 


Much like the bright colour palettes of summer, animal print can seem a little intimidating to those of us who generally prefer more subtle dressing. Animal print may seem like a choice only for the bold (or Pat butcher). However, you can style it to complement rather than overwhelm (unless you’re happy to be the center of attention, there’s nothing wrong with that go out in full animal print by all means).

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Transitional Style: How to style your wardrobe

Although we’re coming into the Autumn/ Winter season and we will looking for our autumn-winter wardrobes, the sunshine we’ve experienced in recent weeks has meant a few pieces from our spring-summer collection are yet to be put away. Transitioning between seasons can be hard work, especially with cold mornings turning into the perfect sunny day. Here at Jayley, we have some absolute wardrobe must-haves for dealing with these difficult style situations. 

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Jayley Active - Keep Up

We have taken on board that women are definitely more conscious of what they wear at the gym as it has definitely somewhere to express your fashion. That is why we have created an active wear that is functionable and fashionable.  


Clothes can have the power to boost self-confidence and productivity throughout the day. It also gives a boost to energize and get up and go. We know that when you look good you feel good and we believe this couldn’t be a truer saying. That is why it is always important to be comfortable with what you wear and how you feel in your clothes so keep up in style with Jayley active as we know what you want this year.

While people see it simply as a way of wearing athleisure, the clothing you actually wear when you go to exercise is just as relevant as your motivation. Athleisure clothing has gained recognition in the industry from not only your activity but also for its fashion statements. It’s imperative to wear the right clothing for whatever condition and performance you’ll be doing. So, stick with us and let's find you the perfect active wear for your workout.

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Essential tips for the whole family on wearing face masks

With the six-week school holidays over and children heading back to school, you’ll find yourself and the whole family being more aware of your surroundings. But don’t worry we have some of the best ways for you to keep safe no matter where you are. 

It turns out, after a HUGE debate, that face masks are one of the most effective ways (outside of staying at home altogether of course) to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  

Contrary to early reports that face masks were “useless” for personal protection from viral spread, it turns out that masks work for defending yourself and protecting others.  That is, face masks help defend wearers by some amount contracting the virus, but more importantly, they also prevent wearers who may unknowingly be sick with COVID-19 from infecting others and especially vulnerable people. 

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Fashion Face Masks For Men

If your shopping for yourself or your significant other don’t worry here at Jayley we’ve got you covered! All Jayley’s unisex face masks come in a range of different quality and styles to fit your every need.  We know that face masks aren’t always seen as the coolest thing to wear by men, however with it becoming a necessity it is essential to change this connotation and here at Jayley we have designed some stylish prints to fit all. Masks are definitely a must-have especially after the latest government's announcement.

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Sustainable Face Masks

Now that lockdown is easing and that the UK Government have made it mandatory to wear face masks/face covering in shops, public transport, enclosed spaces, and pretty much anywhere that social distancing isn't possible, it is crucial to look for masks that have protection and environmental benefits.

All  Jayley’s fashion face masks come in a range of different designs and styles. Our masks are made from 100% sustainable cotton and have great adjustable. All of Jayley's masks have adjustable ear straps along with a metal nose wire to allow the mask to fit comfortable around the bridge of your nose making sure all our masks fit perfectly to your face because we know that no one's face is the same. 

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