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We have taken on board that women are definitely more conscious of what they wear at the gym as it has definitely become somewhere to express your style. With that in mind we have created an active wear range that is functional and fashionable.

Clothes have the power to boost self-confidence and in turn your productivity throughout the day. It also gives a boost to energize you to get up and go! We know that when you look good, you feel good and we believe there is no truer saying. That is why it is always important to be comfortable with what you wear so keep up in style with Jayley Active as we have what you want this year. 

The clothing that you wear when you exercise is just as relevant as your motivation. Athleisure clothing has gained recognition in the industry recently for its fashion statement and not just for its practicality. It’s imperative to wear the right clothing for whatever condition and performance you’ll be doing. So, stick with us and we'll find the perfect active wear for your workout.


Apart from functionality, what is most important is how your clothes make you feel. Our athleisure clothing helps you feel good and look great. Once you feel good, you will be more driven towards doing better and keeping on track with your exercise goals. Research has shown that if you feel more self-conscious about what you’re wearing, you’re less likely to be willing to be active in the gym or while exercising outdoors. This is why we have designed a range of cute athleisure tops, athleisure pants and outerwear to give you that fun boost. We’ve given you a reason why you shouldn’t skip out on wearing that cute gym top and leggings that make you look good and feel good every step of your work out.  


Sweating makes you feel productive which is why lots of people love cardio and high intensity training. Movement is what keeps you motivated and wearing the right athleisure top and athleisure pants can help you improve this. It’s important to go for pieces that will support your body as you move along with having loose outerwear that will allow you to cool down easily and comfortably. 

Our athleisure products give you the ability to move and sweat whilst feeling comfortable. Our leggings have contoured, control panels to give you the confidence you need. They are also absorbent, squat proof and non restrictive. Our Tops and sports bras are low impact, absorbent, comfortable and mould to your body to give you that perfect feel. 

Keep up in Style:

Workout clothes never need to be dull and lifeless. You have the power to make them stylish and empowering to bring out the beauty and confidence lying within you. We have a range of luxurious affordable fashion fitness products that will give you superior comfort and performance whilst delivering the style that you want. Getting fit and healthy will always be the goal and having an extra boost of confidence will help you to achieve your primary goal of getting the body you’re aiming for.