Jayley’s top tips to wearing face masks with your glasses:

The continuing corona-virus pandemic has led to new government guidelines being issued, requiring the use of a face mask or face covering on public transport and in shops from the 24th of July 2020. With this now being the “new normal” it does come with its trials and tribulations, especially for those who wear glasses, however, there is no need to suffer in silence, because here at Jayley we've got you covered.  
Thankfully, there are ways to prevent your eye-wear fogging up if you wear glasses, if you find yourself reading this, you’re probably more than familiar with just how easily it is for glasses to fog without the added face mask.

Fear not, for we have some tips to to keep your vision fog free.   

Make sure you have the right fit face mask
Some loose-fitting masks may not only provide poor protection against the virus, but may also encourage the fogging of your glasses. All of Jayley's face masks feature a flexible wire within the nose of the mask which can be moulded to comfortably fit to the shape of your nose, allowing for a more tailored fit to your face. This will prevent your breath from escaping from any gaps around the nose area and will help to form a seal against your face; stopping the warm air from your breath escaping and steaming up your glasses.   

Take advantage of our adjustable ear loops also fitted on all face masks; our adjustable ear toggles make it easier to tighten the mask around your ears and side of face for a more snugglier fit.

Breathe easy
All of Jayley's face masks are made from high-quality, medical-grade cotton which is responsible sourced. This means, that not only are our fashion face masks a key necessity but our masks are lightweight and breathable, allowing for comfort when you wear them. Our face masks are a stylish way to stay alert, stay protected, and take care of your health and others around you.

All our fashion face masks are in line with the UK Government and WHO Guidance as they have a minimum of two layers of protection, are made from 100% medical grade, sustainable cotton and feature adjustable ear straps along with a metal strip to mold around your nose bridge.

Our eye-catching reusable face masks are also reusable after being washed on medium or high heat. We always recommend washing our fashion face mask in between uses on a temperature of 50 - 60 degrees to kill off any germs.