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Jayley is one of the fastest growing leading contemporary fashion luxury lifestyle brands in the UK, with a burgeoning international presence in the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. Jayley brings a quintessential fusion of British heritage and Eastern desire, delivering a dynamic multi-faceted collection of elegant apparel from faux furs to exquisite devores, prêt-à-porter silk dresses, decadent beachwear and accessories, classic, luxurious and timeless garments that can be worn continually with love. 

Jayley's Spring/ Summer collection has a vast variety of bright prints, bold colours, and pieces that explore the meaning behind the brand's heritage. Familiar pieces have been progressed and adapted to reinforce some of the strongest looks, from trench coats and lightweight jackets to pleated skirts, tailored print trousers, two-piece co-ords, and floaty print statement dresses. New motifs are carefully designed and created using natural, sustainable fabrics, enabling Jayley to continue growth in the sustainable luxe market. 

Jayley sets the tone with their Spring/ Summer collection using soft beige tones, soft pinks, pastel blue, and lilacs mixed with bright accents in red, marigold yellow along with bold citrus shades. An evolution of Jayley's designs is a curation of snake print iridescent silhouettes, statement citrus animal prints, soft pastel floral overlay prints, and bold floral patterns. Jayley's seasonal and signature contrasting patterns and designs have taken centre stage in Spring/ Summer 21.