Stylish layering for Autumn/Winter

Fashion shows and street style teach a few basic items, a lot of inventiveness in overlapping different kinds of garments.  Because stratification today is not just a way to survive climate changes, but above all an intentional way of dressing. You can find all what you need for your stylish layering in the Jayley Outlet  with more than 70% off on all collections.  

How do you style your layering in winter ?

The best idea is to dress in light layers. A smart and trendy idea to copy is to start with a buttoned long sleeve top and define the look with an oversized faux fur faux leather panelled coat that adds warmth and luxury to your winter wardrobe or a fitted turtleneck with an enveloping and not very voluminous outerwear, such as our three in one parka coat featuring a soft faux fur lining and a multi tonal faux fur hood that has 3 separate parts so that you can wear it all year round.


Because of the climate change in the wardrobe, there is the absence of seasonality. Today we dress in layers using both cotton, silk and wool, both in winter and in summer. Layering is a way to invigorate your look and be stylish, without the worry and extra cost. Thanks to layering, we can adapt and use the same garments all year round like our faux fur gilets for example. Check also our outlet.  We have up to 70% off items for this Black Friday.

Can you wear faux fur in winter ?

Faux fur coats are the Must-Have Of Winter 2021-2022:  the most trendy colours for faux fur coats come now in shocking pink, apple green and lemon yellow. Jayley faux fur coats are not only perfect for protecting us from the cold, but they are also extremely trendy. They can be worn during the day for a casual look or in the evening to be elegant and refined.



How do you style a fake fur coat ?

Everybody loves a faux fur coat.  Soft, enveloping and super cool, they protect you from the coldest temperatures. Yes, but how do you style a fake fur coat? We at Jayley want to show you  4 trendy outfits that you can adapt to any occasion! 

Super glam in red

Whether they are short or long, you need to have at least one red faux fur coat in your closet. To take out when it's colder. It is the best of bright colours. Choose our red faux fur maxi coat and match it with a blue long dress, a pyramid faux fur bag and high heels. Perfect for an evening out!