Cashmere is among the most expensive and precious fabrics on the market. It comes from a particular and rare species of Asian goat whose fabric is extracted from the softest part of their fur and to make a single sweater, about three goats need to be sheared. Compared to sheep's wool, cashmere is 10 times softer and warmer. Jayley has brought in a fabulous collection of pure cashmere and cashmere blend garments which can be seen

What colours do you choose with cashmere ?

Choosing the right combination of colours when wearing cashmere may seem easy but in reality, it is more complicated than it seems because we must pay attention not only to the choice of colours but also to match the different shades well. Light-based colours such as white, beige, sand and camel tend to be easier to combine. Jayley proposes to combine a light-based colour with another light-based colour, with a dark based colour (black, green, blue) or with a lively colour (red, orange).

How do you dress up a cashmere sweater ?

A cashmere sweater should always be able to find a place in your wardrobe! It’s very warm and chic, perfect for making your outfit elegant even during the winter season. Furthermore, it is a very versatile garment that looks good with jeans, skirts, trousers. Our Blue Cashmere Blend Ribbed Cardigan, for example, could be perfectly matched with printed mustard trousers, whilst a more delicate colour like the pink cashmere goes well with the light printed skirt. The slim fit of the cardigan design provides a flattering silhouette.

Echo collection of cashmere and banana peel

Our new eco-friendly collection of cashmere blend and banana peel jumpers can’t be missed.  It’s truly incredible the result you can obtain by mixing some fabrics and materials and obtaining luxurious pieces which will fit every wardrobe. These jumpers will effortlessly take you throughout all seasons!

Together with the jumpers, we have a wonderful collection of scarves and hats too!  



A soft and warm cashmere
cardigan can be useful if a summer dress has become too light or too short. In this way, your favourite summer minidresses continue to "work" even when the temperatures drop, and you can have fun coordinating the fantasies.

Jayley’s cardigans can be perfectly combined with jeans and high heels or flat shoes like our mocha cardigan with rolling lapels and flared side available in different colours .


The cashmere scarf or pashmina has become the real must-have of Autumn-Winter. It's warm and enveloping, but not heavy, in fact, it makes an ideal garment even for mid-season. There are many ways to wear it. For an everyday look, it can be folded and wrapped around the neck or over the shoulders like our leopard print two-way wrap or simply let it fall over the shoulders like with our cashmere checkered scarf with tassels that add some luxury to any kind of outfit.


Staying warm and trendy in Winter can be a bit difficult at times. Luckily, there are so many great Winter accessories that combine fashion with function. Jayley proposes a wide range of super-soft cashmere and cashmere blend hats that simply anyone can't live without.
In neutral colours
like black, grey or cream or in more bold colours like orange, pink and the new in tie-dye either with a bobble or without, because they all go well with any outfit and add a touch of chic on colder days.


There is
nothing like to wear at this time of the year which is the poncho. Our cashmere blend ponchos can be combined with dresses, leather jackets or jumpers to stay even warmer without losing style. In fact, it is fun to make original combinations and play with colour contrasts like with our yellow faux fur poncho, a great piece to wear every day. Ponchos are so comfortable and versatile because they allow us to shelter from cold weather and stay warm.

The protagonist of the AW2021 season is cashmere

This year's fashion wants a smile and cashmere is the real protagonist of the AW 2021 season thanks to its versatility and styles.  Every outfit finds the ideal complement with our cashmere-blend hats and gloves for a sporty and elegant look. Soft, warm and enveloping like our cashmere cardigans or Christmas jumpers. The same thing goes for our scarves and wraps, capable of repairing the neck while remaining dry. Fashion is a passing thing, of course, but not personal style. Is it possible to combine them together? Certainly, it's the best solution.  

The secret is to have items in the wardrobe that are always winning every season, the so-called evergreens of which Jayley has a full collection for every occasion and to suit every style.