How to wash and care for your Cashmere

Your favourite cashmere items can take a battering if not treated right. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a short list of things to do to make sure your cashmere stays soft, snug and luxurious.

Protect from moths

Moths find cashmere delicious - especially damp cashmere. Storing your cashmere in a zip-lock bag or vacuum pack is an excellent idea, but before you do store it away, make sure it is totally dry. Avoid hanging from a clothes hanger as this will stretch the fabric. For an added piece of mind, line your drawers with anti-moth drawer liners.

Remove bobbles when they appear

All cashmere is prone to pilling and bobbles, but this can easily be fixed with a knitwear comb or cashmere brush. Lay your garment flat and gently comb through the fibres – any bobbles will be picked up and removed. However, keep brushing to a minimum because depilling too often can leave holes in your clothing.

Keep it delicate

When you inevitably need to wash your cashmere, use a gentle or delicate cycle on your machine (or, if you have the time, hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent). A good tip to follow when machine washing cashmere is to put the item of clothing into a pillow case and button it up. This will prevent the cashmere from tangling with other garments in the wash.

Invest in a cashmere shampoo

To give your cashmere an extra special bath, invest in a premium cashmere shampoo or washing detergent. This gentle soap will reinvigorate your favourite jumper while washing away any dirt or odours.

Dry naturally on a flat surface

After washing (or if your cashmere gets wet) lay the garment flat on a dry towel. Leave to air dry naturally. Do not put your cashmere in a clothes dryer, the heat and tumbling action will cause the fabric to pull and break!