To represent high quality and luxury through sustainable resources and exceed desires by blending tradition, innovation and the finest fabrics into our designs.

Natural Fur

We believe it is our moral duty to sustain the natural environment. That’s why we’re committed to supporting the ethical sourcing and responsible use of natural fur and are proud to uphold the animal welfare policy as a cornerstone to which we operate. It is important to us that all natural fur and leather supplied to Jayley origins from trusted suppliers who exclusively raise animals on farms, in ethical conditions. Under no circumstances would we ever condone the mistreatment, neglect or disregard for any animals’ welfare or well-being. We are fully transparent about where and how we produce our garments and understand that wearing natural fur is a personal choice, and we respect that. In turn, we hope we are recognised for our commitment to the responsible use and ethically soured natural fur. For those customers who choose not to wear natural fur, we also produce alternative synthetic products, devoid of any natural fur.

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