We have newly discovered an increased desire among fashion-conscious women all over the world to want to get their scare on come Halloween, without looking like a bewitched blooded character from a thriller movie. Glam Halloween is an extensive trend at the moment, and we have the answer to creating a stylish Gothic inspired outfit, which remains inside the lines of classy. You'd might not imagine the high fashion catwalks of New York, Milan or Paris as places you could get your Halloween inspiration from, but this season they were filled with sparkly goth elegance. Read on for some serious outfit innovation, because this year you are going to be the prime focus at every party.

Look fabulous while walking around in this luxurious fox and coney fur knitted gilet at your next ghostly gathering. With it's sleek long line fit, it is the perfect layering piece for a show-stopping Halloween chic outfit, providing you that exquisite old Hollywood glamour look, while battling off the cold. Pair it with a vintage-looking lace blouse and black oversized jewellery, for an impressive appearance. In terms of makeup, wear burgundy lipstick, black eyeliner and long eyelashes, to really complete your outfit.

If you want to toe the line between a super-glam and a scary outfit, wearing this Jayley faux fur hooded black cape is an wonderful opportunity to embrace your whimsical beauty side, while dipping into this season’s Glam Halloween trend. Ooze sophistication with the beautiful faux fur detail, whether you fancy yourself an enchanting witch, or you are looking for a more classical Gothic costume. Think sweeping velvet, lace, embellishment, and the combination will be breathtaking. With so many ways to crate the perfect stylish Halloween look, it will be difficult to choose.

Bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to your next Halloween party, and wrap yourself in luxury with our astonishing Ella faux fur coat. If you  have waited until the last minute to buy that one of a kind chic costume, this Jayley fabulous coat is the perfect choice that encapsulates the finest feminine elegance in a one of a kind beautiful overlay. Wear it over an elegant black velvet dress, to become a real movie character, and be camera ready for those amazing Halloween party pictures!