From over-the-knee boots, to boho inspired blouses, printed dressed or midi skirts, we have recently experienced a huge come back of the retro trend. Both the catwalks and the city streets have been influenced by a subtle hint of the seventies freedom and eclectic style. Think of those fabulously classy disco queens, bohemian goddesses, or glamorous retro girls, and you will have a full picture of the seventies impact in today's fashion. The remarkable versatility of this trend is a result of it's simplicity in designs and shapes, with perfectly tailored silhouettes and A-line designs, to suit all types. Simple cuts, colourful retro patterns make combinations easy and wearable, which is one more of the lovely aspects of the seventies fashion trend.

Embrace the extremely relaxed boho-chic style with this trendy teal Jayley's glam faux fur Ella coat, and be ready to look like a real seventies icon if you match it with a pair of round glasses and a rusty colours jumpsuit. Wear this coat day or night and be ready to be charmed by it's soft touch embrace and warmth which will soon make you inseparable.

A tempting new addition to your winter wardrobe, this faux shearling coat is a highly desirable reflection of the seventies retro fashion style. As the temperature drops, channel the seventies with your new favourite coat, a perfect blend of sophistication and fashion-forward look. The glam rock style of the rich retro period is easily recreated wearing this Jayley timeless piece.

The epitome of style and elegance, this fox and coney fur gilet is a luxurious piece that can be worn-year round to create that so characteristic to the seventies bohemian look.  Layered on a soft knitted base and featuring a classic hook and eye front fastening, it is the perfect winter warmer accessory.