It’s never been more important to embrace sustainability, it is time we started listening to the needs of our planet by making greener choices. With the onset of global warming and climate change, we feel a duty to expand our growing level of environmental consciousness to those who love our garment.  Therefore, more and more we at Jayley Collection will be designing, manufacturing and releasing garments made of natural raw materials.  

We know it’s important the garments that we create not only don’t cost the planet, but also fill our fashion needs that last a lifetime. Say ‘NO’ to throw away Fashion!


Over the last 2 years we’ve invested heavily into the development of our sustainable fabrics and we would love to introduce you to them.


Yes, that’s right we’ve developed the peel of one of our most loved fruits to fulfil our fashion needs. The peel of a banana is un-believable fibrous, soft and supple, which makes it perfect for fabric use. So far, we have incorporated banana peel into all of our latest knitwear collections, including cardigans, knitted dresses, jumpers and accessories such as wraps, scarves and hats. One of our most loved trench coats has also been developed to include the peel, and unlike the knitwear you can generally feel the peel effects more in these coats. They almost have a shine to them, that a banana peel would as well as an incredible soft yet flexible texture. You can expect to see many more of our different most loved styles of coats and jackets being crafted this way going forward.


We are all for supporting the wine industry further! So, the development of grape leather, a 100% Biodegradable leather alternative was something we were very eager to adopt for our bags and accessories. This is our latest innovative technique to find sustainability with our accessories collection and is proving to be a real show stopper, with customer amazed by the fact it’s not real leather! The grape leather is made from the seeds, stalks and fibres of a grape skin, but never fear wine lovers for your beloved grapes are safe, as this process works hand in hand with the wine production. So from the very start, the material is repurposing food waste into a viable, long-lasting product.


You no longer need to imagine a garment that smells as good as it looks. We’ve created a vegan inspired, biodegradable fabric, that is crafted from one of our English Garden favourites; the  rose petal.  Roses fibres are extracted from the natural waste of rose petals, that are then stripped and processed to create a luxuriously soft spinning fibre, very similar to silk. This eco-friendly alternative to silk has been a huge hit so far within our dress and top collection. There’s also nothing nicer than opening a package that immediately fills the air with a Summer Blossom scent.