Jayley is based in Staffordshire, England. We are a contemporary fashion brand that has grown from strength to strength. We design classic and timeless garments that can be worn continually with love. We are a contemporary fashion brand, with a UK and Italian led design team, shipping to all four corners of the world. We design classic, luxurious and timeless garments that can be worn continually with love. As Jayley focuses on premium fabrics for women such as fur, silk and devore, we have a strong emphasis on sustainability, and we understand the importance of ensuring that all our fabrics are ethically sourced.

Brand Story

Jayley provides a quintessential fusion of eastern heritage and western desire. A unique collection of elegant apparel from fine furs to exquisite devorés, prêt-à-porter silk dresses, decadent beachwear and a wide range of accessories. All our pieces are produced from premium fabrics such as cashmere, silk, ethically sourced furs and leathers. With a focus on our core values of luxury, quality and accessibility, Jayley has developed a reputation for delivering consistent quality and trendsetting styles at affordable prices.

Eco Development & Ethically Sourced Fur

Through our business model, Jayley aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment with which we interact, while continuously bringing out trend-setting innovations to the fast-paced fashion industry. Jayley adopts a strict animal welfare policy. All products of animal origin sold by Jayley, including fur and leather, come exclusively from animals raised on farms in ethical conditions and under no circumstances come from animals sacrificed exclusively for the sale of their fur.

International Following

With an international following, Jayley has a dynamic, multi-faceted range of collections, all unequivocally delivering Jayley principles of individuality, timelessness, style, quality and luxury. Jayley products can also be found in a wide range of international stores like ASOS and Daniel Footwear to name a few. Our social media following is growing rapidly, so come say hello and meet the team. We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. 

Press Office

Jayley has a very interactive approach to Press, Media and Marketing. Producing dynamic, fluid get the look pieces each and every week, we are active to meet the needs and desires of consumers and seasonal trends with new pieces being launched weekly. Simultaneously our ethos of luxury, quality, innovation and accessibility means that we can reach out to vast market variations internationally and work with press to select key items for themes and shoots. To discuss your features or for inspiration, or to review seasonal lookbooks please do not hesitate to contact us.