Journey to Sustainability

a bunch of grapes being held out in a man's hands 09/01/2023

How Is Grape Skin Leather Made?

The global fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to climate change.  At Jayley, we’re always looking for ways to help preserve the planet for the future, which is why we invest time into creating, sourcing and choosing more sustainable, high-quality pieces to add to our collections. The latest innovative material to arrive at Jayley is grape skin leather, available as part of our accessories collection. Grape skin leather is biodegradable and completely vegan-friendly, using the waste from wine production to make stunning, sustainable accessories such as grape skin... Read More


How Is Rose Petal Fabric Made?

For the sake of the planet and the human race, it’s important that the global fashion industry steps up and takes responsibility for its impact on climate change. Choosing more sustainable ways to make high-quality garments, using natural materials and low emissions without the need for harsh chemicals needs to be a top priority. At Jayley, we care about our planet. That’s why we’re concentrating on offering a range of planet-friendly fabric choices in our collection. In these guides, we’re detailing how each of these fabrics is made from process... Read More

A white woman with blonde hair wear a white banana fabric blend jumper with green smiley faces on it 22/12/2022

How Is Banana Peel Clothing Made?

Banana peel fibre is one of the most sustainable fabric alternatives on the market. Made from the outer and inner peel of a banana skin, it is a technique that has been used in South Asian countries for hundreds of years, turning the waste from banana fruit into a luxurious and sustainable fabric. But just what is a banana fibre made from exactly? And is it a viable alternative to similar materials that already exist? Read on to discover why you shouldn’t just be eating bananas but adding them to... Read More

a woman crouching down in a muticoloured Jayley faux fur coat 22/11/2022

How Is Bamboo Fabric Made?

In a world constantly searching for alternative, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products in a quest to save the planet and become more sustainable, Jayley is pioneering a range of new fabrics and materials that take a small step towards a more sustainable future for fashion. Whilst in its early stages, the team at Jayley want to inform, educate and encourage their customers to choose more eco-friendly alternatives.  In this series of guides, the Jayley team explain the processes behind their new range of fabrics, including what they are and how... Read More