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Dopamine Dressing: Why you should join the trend

As the chilly months creep in and we introduce chunky knits, big coats and layering pieces for warmth, our wardrobe can sometimes get a bit boring or grey. As soon as we have to start dressing warm, our wardrobes start to mimic the environment around us, and we inject less colour into our outfits. The autumn and winter seasons tend to bring our moods down as we have less freedom to be outside because of the bad weather. We all know that colour lights up our brains, and certain colours... Read More

jayley black faux shearling checkered oversized coat 03/11/2022

How to wear the checkerboard pattern this autumn

We all know that the checkerboard pattern has been around for years. Still, it has recently become increasingly popular, featuring all over our social media feeds, used by industry-leading brands on the catwalk and worn by influencers.  It’s no wonder that checkerboard print is so popular because it’s so easy to style and wear.  The checkerboard print has been recycled throughout the decades, but today’s trends are reminiscent of the 1990s and early 2000s. Often associated with grunge, skater culture, and motorsports, today’s trend offers a breath of new life... Read More

What To Wear: Tropical Prints – Perpetual sunshine even on a grey day

When the weather doesn’t play ball, it’s hard to stay chipper and keep a sunny demeanour when the skies above you are constantly grey – but fear not! Now you can wear tropical sunshine wherever you go with our bold palm print designs. Silk Blend Palm Print Coat A longer trench coat with our palm print design, this coat is ideal for wrapping up when a spring breeze rolls in. The flowing design and added belt flatters any silhouette, whilst the tied cuffs and lapels add a touch of sophistication.... Read More

What to wear: Coats and jackets to see you through spring

Spring might be here, but the sun is only giving us glimpses of the fair weather to come. Thick winter coats aren’t needed in these transitional months, so we’ve put together some great top layers to keep you warm and stylish when the weather hates your plans. Colourful Print Faux Suede Coat This trench coat is long enough to keep a Siberian weather system out, but light enough to wear on a warm afternoon. Team with a blouse and your favourite jeans for a casual but sophisticated look that can... Read More