Dopamine Dressing: Why you should join the trend

As the chilly months creep in and we introduce chunky knits, big coats and layering pieces for warmth, our wardrobe can sometimes get a bit boring or grey. As soon as we have to start dressing warm, our wardrobes start to mimic the environment around us, and we inject less colour into our outfits. The autumn and winter seasons tend to bring our moods down as we have less freedom to be outside because of the bad weather. We all know that colour lights up our brains, and certain colours and shades can affect our emotions differently, this is where dopamine dressing comes into play. 

We need to start leaning into dopamine dressing, exploring the link between what we are wearing and our mood, and maximise the psychology of fashion. Now is the time to indulge in this trend and truly express yourself through your clothes, providing an extra dopamine dose throughout the winter. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate dopamine dressing into your wardrobe and boost your mood and confidence. 

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What is dopamine dressing?

What is fashion psychology?

Colour insights

How to dopamine dress

What is dopamine dressing?

If you’re new to the term, dopamine dressing is dressing to boost your mood. It refers to wearing pieces of colourful clothing that are likely to give our brains a dopamine hit. The chemical dopamine, also known as the feel-good hormone, is released when we experience joyful and pleasurable moments in our lives, making us want to seek out the experiences again. 

When you wear an outfit or piece of clothing that makes you feel good, it improves your well-being by elevating your mood and confidence. By wearing a certain texture, colour or style, we can activate the release of dopamine, making feel-good outfits a key trend this autumn/winter. 

What is fashion psychology?

Fashion psychology is the study of fashion and it’s connection to human behaviour. This is not just limited to fashion but also accessories and beauty. Fashion is more than a statement; it’s a form of communication. A person’s individual style is a form of self-expression and confidence, creating an identity and personality through clothing. 

Fashion psychologists have highlighted that there are two kinds of people when it comes to fashion. The one that dresses to enhance their personality, being bold and brave, wearing clothing that makes them feel happy and confident. The second is those that dress down to hide from the limelight, wearing more subtle and dull clothing. Whichever one you are can change day to day depending on your mood. However you choose to dress is a reflection of your true personality and self-esteem. 

Colour insights

Before we get into how to dopamine dress, we have put together some colour insights to help guide you through the process. We have taken a deep dive into colour therapy, which studies how different colours can impact people’s energy. We have all been impacted by colour and associate certain colours with feelings or events in our life. Every person interprets colour differently, so these feelings will differ for each person. In colour therapy, it is known that different colours impact our minds and body differently. Here is a quick summary of colours and how they affect us. 


The colour blue represents both the sky and the sea; it is associated with big open spaces. It represents freedom, imagination, sensitivity, depth and intuition.  Blue can cause the body to produce calming and tranquil chemicals, helping with balance and self-expression. Darker, more electric blues are dramatic and express exhilaration. Lighter blues reflect healing and softness. Utilise blue how you wish; be bold and confident when you do. 


Red can represent a range of emotions and feelings. Some people see red and think of anger and danger. Others look at red and feel love and warmth. Either way, red is a showstopping colour, and it takes brave people to wear it. Red is making a strong visual impact on the catwalk. It’s the colour for all seasons. The different hues compliment all skin toes making it a wearable option for many. Be bold, strong and powerful with red. 


For many people, the colour green strongly connects with mother nature, instantly bringing to mind trees, forests and wildlife. It is a refreshing, calming and tranquil colour representing luck and health. Green is calming to the eye but shouldn’t be underestimated in fashion. Darker greens make people feel at ease, and lighter greens make you feel lively and energetic. However you choose to wear green, do it with pride and energy. 


Pink is a colour strongly linked to romance, encouraging feelings of playfulness and optimism. It is a nurturing and nostalgic colour that sometimes takes people back to their childhood.  When you wear pink, you give off feelings of kindness and comfort. Bright pink is associated with confidence and flirtation, and lighter shades of pink are calming and welcoming. 


Yellow represents happiness, spontaneity and hope. It is a youthful and positive colour that’s upbeat and bright. When you wear yellow, you attract attention and express self-confidence. A difficult colour to style or add to your wardrobe, maybe start with yellow accessories or a simple jumper that can be paired with darker, simpler pieces. 

How to dopamine dress

Dopamine dressing gives people the freedom to express and embrace their unique style fully. There are so many ways you can interact with dopamine dressing; getting started can be overwhelming and daunting. Choosing between colours, textures, patterns and prints and trying to plan outfits is a lot to get your head around. We have pulled together some of our best top tips for you to follow to get started. 

Determine how you feel

Dopamine dressing is about dressing for how you feel and the emotions you want to express. So you first need to think about the mood you want to create. Think about the colours, prints, textures and patterns that make you happy. 

One of the advantages of dopamine dressing is that  you probably don’t have to buy anything new. Start with just one piece if you start to feel overwhelmed, a bright patterned knit jumper with some leather leggings and chunky boots is one option. Another option for dopamine dressing could be, a bold-coloured coat with simple black trousers and a top. 

Get inspiration from your feed

Let’s be honest; we are all on our phones scrolling through social media feeds more than we should be. Whether you take inspiration from Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, start saving, screenshotting or creating mood boards of styles and outfits you love. This way, when you are struggling to think of vibrant outfit ideas, you can look back and discover your true aesthetic. 

Use colour therapy

Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, has been used for centuries to help balance the body’s energy and mental health. It is a form of therapy that uses colour and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions. Certain colours bring out certain emotions; this is different for every person. Our personal feelings towards colour differ and are highly subjective. Choose colours that make you happy, and don’t feel pressured to follow trends constantly. 

Experiment with texture and prints

Although colour is important for dopamine dressing, textures and prints are also a big factor. Play around with textures and prints, especially ones you haven’t done before. Look out for trending fabrics like velvet and crochet and add them to your outfit. We highly recommend mixing and matching your pieces to add more fun and joy to your wardrobe and to bring you more confidence. 

Take it one piece at a time

We understand that new trends can be overwhelming, so we suggest just taking it one piece at a time. If you’re unsure where to start, pick a versatile piece that will fit into many outfits in your wardrobe, whether that be a cute bag, statement coat or cosy knitwear

So, what really is dopamine dressing? It’s different for everyone, but the main goal of dopamine dressing is for people to wear clothing that makes them feel good. For some, this might be bold, bright colours, or it could be a classic print or pattern. Whatever it may be, as long as it brings you happiness and confidence, you should embrace it. 

The real mood benefits of dopamine dressing come less from the specific colours and more from how you perceive them. Colour is a great way to lift spirits and boost your moods and confidence, so why not inject that into your clothing? Dopamine dressing is whatever makes you feel good, just remember to have fun with it. Check out some inspiring pieces you can add to your wardrobe to get you started with dopamine dressing from Jayley, or take a look at our wholesale site for extra inspiration.

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