April 2022

how to clean your fur coat 19/04/2022

How To Care For Natural Fur

Whether you’ve picked up a vintage fur coat or you’ve just invested in a brand new one, it’s important to spend some time learning how to care for and store it so that you can enjoy wearing it for years to come. More difficult to maintain than faux fur, natural fur needs professional cleaning, regular maintenance and specific temperature levels when stored to keep it in top condition.  For all of our top tips on the best ways to care for your fur coat, read on to find out more!... Read More

what is faux fur 19/04/2022

What is faux fur?

An alternative to real fur, faux fur is a warm, durable and versatile fabric commonly used in fashion to make outerwear and accessories.  With its ethical advantages over real fur, faux fur provides stylish wearability whilst being completely animal friendly. Read on to discover everything you’ve ever needed to know about faux fur! Table of contents: What is faux fur made from? Why is faux fur bad? Is faux fur animal-friendly? Why is faux fur so expensive? Is faux fur worse than real fur? What is ethical fur? Is faux... Read More