Three young women are applying makeup in the bathrooms before a night out. 23/12/2022

The best songs to get ready to

Now that we’re deep into the festive season and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, we bet your social calendar is filling up fast with festive celebrations that’ll have you RSVP-ing “Yes!” in a heartbeat. With that in mind, we firmly believe that the most necessary ritual for any woman getting ready for a big night out is finding the perfect getting-ready soundtrack. One guaranteed to take the experience from just another day to putting you truly in the zone for partying. All you need is the perfect... Read More


How Is Rose Petal Fabric Made?

For the sake of the planet and the human race, it’s important that the global fashion industry steps up and takes responsibility for its impact on climate change. Choosing more sustainable ways to make high-quality garments, using natural materials and low emissions without the need for harsh chemicals needs to be a top priority. At Jayley, we care about our planet. That’s why we’re concentrating on offering a range of planet-friendly fabric choices in our collection. In these guides, we’re detailing how each of these fabrics is made from process... Read More

A white woman with blonde hair wear a white banana fabric blend jumper with green smiley faces on it 22/12/2022

How Is Banana Peel Clothing Made?

Banana peel fibre is one of the most sustainable fabric alternatives on the market. Made from the outer and inner peel of a banana skin, it is a technique that has been used in South Asian countries for hundreds of years, turning the waste from banana fruit into a luxurious and sustainable fabric. But just what is a banana fibre made from exactly? And is it a viable alternative to similar materials that already exist? Read on to discover why you shouldn’t just be eating bananas but adding them to... Read More


Most watched Christmas films in the UK 

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than enjoying some of the best Christmas films with your loved ones? If you’re struggling to pick a favourite, to make your life that bit easier, we have compiled a list of the most watched Christmas films from last year from UK streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Google Play.  Christmas is when people usually slow down/stop working to relax and spend more time with family and loved ones. So get ready to... Read More

A woman posing in a multicoloured bamboo blend kimono 22/11/2022

How To Care For Bamboo Fabric 

As we look to make more sustainable choices with our wardrobes, eco-friendly fabrics are becoming increasingly popular.  Bamboo fabric has been around for years, but it’s only recently that we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of bamboo clothing. Soft to the touch, highly absorbent and porous to help regulate body temperature, bamboo clothing is good at resisting lint and pet fur, drapes well over the body and doesn’t easily wrinkle.  At Jayley, we’ve recently launched our own line of bamboo clothing, including our bamboo faux fur coats and jackets... Read More

a woman crouching down in a muticoloured Jayley faux fur coat 22/11/2022

How Is Bamboo Fabric Made?

In a world constantly searching for alternative, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products in a quest to save the planet and become more sustainable, Jayley is pioneering a range of new fabrics and materials that take a small step towards a more sustainable future for fashion. Whilst in its early stages, the team at Jayley want to inform, educate and encourage their customers to choose more eco-friendly alternatives.  In this series of guides, the Jayley team explain the processes behind their new range of fabrics, including what they are and how... Read More


Dopamine Dressing: Why you should join the trend

As the chilly months creep in and we introduce chunky knits, big coats and layering pieces for warmth, our wardrobe can sometimes get a bit boring or grey. As soon as we have to start dressing warm, our wardrobes start to mimic the environment around us, and we inject less colour into our outfits. The autumn and winter seasons tend to bring our moods down as we have less freedom to be outside because of the bad weather. We all know that colour lights up our brains, and certain colours... Read More

jayley black faux shearling checkered oversized coat 03/11/2022

How to wear the checkerboard pattern this autumn

We all know that the checkerboard pattern has been around for years. Still, it has recently become increasingly popular, featuring all over our social media feeds, used by industry-leading brands on the catwalk and worn by influencers.  It’s no wonder that checkerboard print is so popular because it’s so easy to style and wear.  The checkerboard print has been recycled throughout the decades, but today’s trends are reminiscent of the 1990s and early 2000s. Often associated with grunge, skater culture, and motorsports, today’s trend offers a breath of new life... Read More

a woman wiping a pink leather handbag with a wipe 05/09/2022

How To Care For Leather

Leather is one of the most durable and hard-wearing fabrics, but it does need a little TLC from time to time to preserve its amazing quality. A popular material for core wardrobe items such as leather jackets, handbags and gloves, leather is loved for its long lifespan, which you can easily extend with some day-to-day care and maintenance. At Jayley, we want to encourage you to love your core wardrobe staples and to help you do your utmost to keep them from heading to landfill. That’s why we’ve pulled together... Read More

a sheet of pink silk material 05/09/2022

How To Care For Silk

Silk is a luxurious fabric that, if cared for correctly, will give you a lifetime of wear. Silk is a protein and is full of natural fibres, and as a result, it requires specific care and attention to keep it looking at its absolute best. At Jayley, we want to ensure that your silk clothes and accessories last a lifetime. That’s why we’ve pulled together this helpful guide on how to care for your silk garments. Including everything from washing to drying and storage, we’ll give you the tools you’ll... Read More